Push Puppets at Hey Nonny

October 1, 2022
7:30 pm
Arlington Heights, IL
Hey Nonny
Push Puppets at Hey Nonny
Push Puppets

Fresh out of the studio after recording their third album, Push Puppets return to Hey Nonny eager to perform their enticing pop gems.

Push Puppets is fronted by singer/songwriter/guitarist Erich Specht, who’s songwriting style is often compared to Elvis Costello or Wilco. The band includes bassist John William Lauler, drummer Greg Essig and keyboardist Kyle Magnusson.

Last year Push Puppets released the album titled “A Boat of Lies and a House of Cards” to critical acclaim and a sold out album release show at Hey Nonny.

The creative period for Specht has quickly resulted in yet another album from which several singles will be released over the spring and summer of 2022. The new album – produced by Doug McBride (Cheap Trick, Veruca Salt) – will be released on vinyl and digitally in the fall.

In addition to his bread-and-butter topics of dysfunctional relationships and hopeless pining, Specht also writes about such subjects as imminent doom, flowering trees, a training session at a Russian troll farm, and karma blowing up his house and running him off the road.

This show will be the first opportunity to hear the well-crafted pop from the new album as well as Push Puppets classics that dare to make even the darkest of sentiments sound sweet.