“October Surprise” [Official Lyric Video]


Just in time for the midterm elections, Push Puppets have released an animated lyric video for the song “October Surprise”, which takes on the spread of disinformation over social and traditional media.

The song from the new album “Allegory Grey” is about an imaginary training session at a Russian troll farm for spreading propaganda. It is a powerful rock anthem that musically falls somewhere between Pink Floyd and Oasis with lush harmonies and guitar work reminiscent of Queen.

The video shows false information being spread over social media, print and television beginning with the ridiculous claim that Hillary Clinton is running a child sex ring from the basement of a Washington, DC pizzeria. It continues with messages such as “COVID-19 is fake” and bleach and ivermectin can treat COVID. It progresses toward the messaging that led to the storming of the Capitol on January 6th, which is inaccurately described as a false-flag operation by Antifa.