“The Big Takeover” Premieres Video for “Obvious”

Music publication The Big Takeover has posted the premiere of the video for the Push Puppets single “Obvious”.

The video is decidedly no-frills as to draw attention to the lyrics. “Obvious” is a story told by Karma personified: the first verse finds Karma blowing up the protagonist’s house and, in the second verse, Karma is running him off the road:

Kept the wheels on the road
At the waters edge
Never been one to run
Never one to beg
Karma wants to get by
Let him pass
You don’t need a sign
You don’t need to ask
Could it have been more obvious
That the drunk would take the wheel and lose control

“Obvious” is the fifth single (and fifth official music video) from the new Push Puppets album, Allegory Grey, released on Sept 30, 2022.