Revista Arte Brasileira interview with Push Puppet Erich Specht

Brazilian publication Revista Arte Brasileira has shared the song “Obvious” from with their readers.  It is accompanied with a brief interview with Push Puppets frontman Erich Specht about the origins of the song.

For those that don’t speak Portuguese, here is a translation.

– What was the context in which the song was composed? This song was written during the pandemic and around the time my girlfriend and I were breaking up. So it wasn’t in the happiest moments. It’s about the pressures of life.

– What do the lines of “Obvious” tell us? The lyrics have Karma personified, where in the first version Karma has blown up my house and in the second version Karma is taking my car off the road. It’s about succumbing to pressure and feeling like you’re about to give in.

– Tell us about the arrangements and sound of the single. This rock song takes the listener through several different parts, starting with a blues/rock feel that explodes into an alternative rock chorus reminiscent of Weezer. The song’s bridge has an Oasis-like feel that leads to a powerful guitar solo and leads to an epic conclusion.